Join us as an Industry Partner

The BFSI Sector Skill Council is a collaboration of the industry. We welcome organizations in and associated with the BFSI industry to partner with us and participate in the operations of the skill council.

There are various capacities in which an industry partner may be associated with us – be it advisory, executive or as a contributing stakeholder. At the present time, it is recommended that organizations contact the skill council to discuss how such a partnership may be best executed. There is a great need for the kind of skill development initiative that the council is addressing. Industry partners are also going to be beneficiaries of the activities of the council which is why great importance is placed on these partnerships and in understanding where each partner can bring value.

For an organization to be considered a partner of the skill council, they will need to:

  • Engage in discussion with the skill council on the nature of participation
  • Commit in writing to partner with the BFSI Sector Skill Council
  • Explore how the organization and skill council can work together to address skill gaps
  • Nominate a senior person from your organization like the Chief People Officer/Chief Strategy Officer/Head of Planning who can represent your organization in the Skill Council of India
  • Be available to meet approximately three times in a year to review