Join us as a Service Provider

Given the wide reach of its mission and vision, and the size and importance of the BFSI sector to the economy, the skill council has been approached by several entities interesting in partnering as a service provider. There are various ways in which service providers may interact with the skill council.

1. Training Vendors:

Training firms that are working in the BFSI space may reach out to us to explore being accredited by the BFSI Sector Skill Council of India as a certified training provider. This will open the door to a large and varied target audience for the vendor. In the selection of training vendors, high quality of programs, training infrastructure, materials and qualification of instructors will be given great importance. Additionally, the ability to scale up training to meet the demands of the BFSI sector will be given particular important as the efficacy of the skill council is dependent on this.

2. Technology Solutions Vendors:

The skill council is looking to partner with innovative firms who are able to help us use technology effectively to achieve our skill development goals. We are preparing to skill candidates in a technologically advanced industry which relies heavily on technology for its success. It is critical therefore, for the learning process to incorporate the effective use of technology whether it is to provide a platform for simulations, video-enabled interaction, for learning outcome assessments and more.

Vendors who have such technological capabilities are invited to reach out to us to explore how they can be a part of a nation-building initiative that spans across a vast audience, several leading BFSI and related organizations.

3. Training Professionals / Faculty:

In order to deliver high-quality certifications, we will need to engage with well-qualified instructors with a proven record of success. The effectiveness of training material may be said to depend upon the manner in which it is disseminated and received by the target audience.

Trainers who are experiences in the area of Training of Trainers may approach us with their interest. We will be looking for a proven track record in the BFSI space in particular. Trainers will need to be certified by the BFSI Sector Skill Council of India to be able to deliver training modules to candidates.

Training vendors or professionals are welcome to contact us to start the process.

4. Labor Market Research Consulting:

An important part of an endeavor such as this is strategies and efforts need to be built around systematic information. As a result and because one does not exist thus far, we are accepting proposals from vendors interested in providing this service.

We will be looking for leading vendors who have experience in working in the non-profit and government sector. Any experience in working with the BFSI sector and National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) or similar initiatives will be given particular consideration.

We are looking to build a Labor Market Information System (LMIS) in the following manner:

  • Identify all job roles in the BFSI Sector across the various sub-segments
  • List and map competencies for each of these job roles
  • Identify skill gaps in order to target learning modules
  • Identify job roles which are not sufficiently filled according to demand
  • Create a user-friendly platform that will allow easy access and recall of this information for curriculum planning

Additionally we will need to create a market research report with a focus on the labor force in the BFSI sector including on the basis of demographic, regional, functional projections / trends and other parameters that may be identified.

Interested vendors are requested to send us material that will help us understand their capabilities and demonstrate their experience in working with a project of this scale. The success of this initiative lies in part, in scaling up and this will be continually given great importance.